Fun Stuff

Tricks: Teaching Hind End Awareness

Believe it or not, you have to teach your dog to co-ordinate their hind ends.  Most dogs do not learn this skill, and their backend just happens to follow the front.  In agility one of the first skills you teach your dog is hind-end awareness.  Enjoy Mayday's debut in this video. … [Read more...]

Tricks: Teaching Target Video

Targeting is a fun exercise, if you have read the article it's time to watch the video.   … [Read more...]

Fetch Series

In this series of 4 videos we work through a process that will teach any dog to fetch.  Fetch is a fun game to play with your dog and an easy way to burn off some excess energy.  Put the effort in, the payoff will be worth it. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4     … [Read more...]

Teaching Fetch to Any Dog: Part 4

This is our final chapter of this series.  Make sure you have worked through the sequence, there are 3 Videos leading up to part 4.   … [Read more...]

Tricks: Teaching your Dog to “Target”

The ‘Target’ exercise is useful for Trick training and for Agility. Follow these steps to learn Step 1 of the process. You will need a small plastic container lid.  A yoghurt container lid is perfect. Hold a handful of treats behind your back. Sit or kneel on the floor, or sit on a low stool or chair. Place the lid on the floor in front of you. Tap the lid with your finger and move it around a little to encourage your dog to sniff or paw at the lid. The moment your dog’s … [Read more...]

Home Cooking

Many clients ask questions about their dog’s food.  I am often asked what I feed my dogs and when I reply I home cook, the response is often a panicked look.  Over the years we have been told how difficult it is to get the nutritional balance of your dog’s food right.  We are afraid to try it out of fear that we will be responsible for the decline of our dog’s health and well-being. After the endless vet bills stemming from allergy issues I decided to give it a try.  I have never … [Read more...]

Q & A: Hiding under the bed and biting

My dog gets scared and hides under the bed when there are fireworks.  When I reach in to pull him out, he bites me.  What should I do? When dogs get into a fearful state they will often seek out a space where they feel secure.  I have heard of dogs getting into closets, bathtubs, under couches, tables and small spaces where there is limited access to them. When you reach in and grab a dog from a very small space, they will often get defensive and feel their only option is to bite.  If … [Read more...]

Managing Allergies

Allergies can be such a pain and expensive.  I have dealt with them for many years.  Having a Labrador who is allergic to all kinds of foods and who eats everything he sees, and a Dachshund who is allergic to grass.  Allergies can be a challenge and can get very expensive. Some common irritants that you want to rule out are chicken and corn in the  food.  There are plenty of different allergy formulae foods out there, and many of them have limited ingredients.  The limited ingredients … [Read more...]

Quick Tip: Keeping Treats Out of Sight

      Many dogs are trained to perform for the visual cue of a treat.  I highly recommend keeping a little ziplock bag of treats/kibble in your pocket whenever you are around your dog.  Once your dog has performed the command you asked for, you bring the treat into sight and reward.  This will help prevent your dog only performing when they see the treat. … [Read more...]

Meal Manners

Training is really just teaching your dog to exercise some self-control.  Many dogs love their food and can’t wait for meal times.  Some (like mine) will even drool all over the floor in anticipation.  Feeding times is the perfect training opportunity and taking your dog a higher level of self-control.  I like to start with teaching my dogs a sit/stay to wait for their food.  Once they understand that they will not be fed until they hold the sit, you can make it more challenging. Dish … [Read more...]