Teaching Fetch to Any Dog: Part 4

This is our final chapter of this series.  Make sure you have worked through the sequence, there are 3 Videos leading up to part 4.   … [Read more...]

Teaching Fetch to Any Dog: Part 3

Video 3 of Teaching Fetch the Sue Sternberg way.  Please make sure you mastered videos 1 and 2 before you attempt 3. Ready for Step 4? … [Read more...]

Playing Games: Hide and Seek

I often feel guilty when I have to leave my dog at home alone for a long period of time. Something that I do to alleviate my guilt is leaving behind hidden treats. What’s great about leaving hidden treats is that it triggers your dog’s ‘seeking circuit.’ The ‘seeking circuit’ is an instinctive drive that triggers dopamine release. Dopamine makes for a calmer, more content dog While my dog goes out to potty, I hide a combination of training treats, a chew, a loaded Buster Cube and … [Read more...]

Teaching Fetch to Any Dog: Part 2

Before you start this video, please make sure you have mastered Video 1. Ready to move onto Step 3? … [Read more...]

Teaching Fetch to Any Dog: Part 1

Fetch is a fun way to interact with your dog and get them exercised.  But some dogs don't fetch naturally.  In this video our guest Sue Sternberg shows us how to teach any dog to fetch! Make sure you have taught your dog the ACR before you start. Once you have mastered Part 1, click here for Part 2 … [Read more...]