Tricks: Teaching Hind End Awareness

Believe it or not, you have to teach your dog to co-ordinate their hind ends.  Most dogs do not learn this skill, and their backend just happens to follow the front.  In agility one of the first skills you teach your dog is hind-end awareness.  Enjoy Mayday's debut in this video. … [Read more...]

Tricks: Teaching Target Video

Targeting is a fun exercise, if you have read the article it's time to watch the video.   … [Read more...]

Tricks: Teaching your Dog to “Target”

The ‘Target’ exercise is useful for Trick training and for Agility. Follow these steps to learn Step 1 of the process. You will need a small plastic container lid.  A yoghurt container lid is perfect. Hold a handful of treats behind your back. Sit or kneel on the floor, or sit on a low stool or chair. Place the lid on the floor in front of you. Tap the lid with your finger and move it around a little to encourage your dog to sniff or paw at the lid. The moment your dog’s … [Read more...]

Why Teach Tricks?

Nobody really seems to take trick training terribly seriously.  Tricks can be a lifesaver, mental exercise is one of the toughest work outs you can give your pup.  There is a lot of truth to the old saying that a tired dog is a good dog.  The best mix is a mentally and physically tired dog.  Tricks don't require must space and are perfect for a rainy day. Tricks are not part of the everyday routine of a dog typically.  Our dogs will naturally sit, lie down and perform a lot of the … [Read more...]

Tricks: Bang Bang

  Add to your pups array of tricks.  If you need a quiet afternoon, spend 20 mins teaching them a new trick. … [Read more...]


  Tricks are a great way to keep training fun for both yourself and your dog.  Give Spin a try.   … [Read more...]