Crate Anxiety in Puppies

Crate training is a run of the mill skill you want to teach your puppies.  However, some puppies will experience some anxiety when it comes to crating. Here are a couple of tips to help you overcome the anxiety:  Feed your puppy in their crate:  Most puppies love to eat, and they will  see their crate as a trigger for food.  Give high value treats:  Every time your pup goes into their crate, give them a treat.  Even if you don’t plan on leaving them in there, reward the … [Read more...]

Shaping with a bowl

If you have a few minutes to spend with your dog, shaping is a fun and easy training game to play.  It is an opportunity for your dog to troubleshoot and offer behaviors until they figure out the right behavior.  In this video we watch Mayday figure out the bowl is what triggers the reward.  Mayday is only 10 weeks old in this video.   … [Read more...]

Quick Tip: Crate Training

When crate training your puppy don’t make the mistake of only putting your pup in their crate when you leave home and overnight when you are asleep.  You teach your pup that the crate means time away from you.  Rather teach your pup to be happy and comfortable in their crate when you are home as well as when you are gone.  Provide high value chews and treats and before long you will find your pup seeking out their crate on their own accord.   … [Read more...]

Puppy Chewing

Puppy Chewing is a very common question.  In this video we discuss some options to help you through this stage. … [Read more...]

Introduction to Coming when Called

  Coming when called is a vital foundation exercise that every dog needs to learn.  It can literally save your dog's life.  In this video we introduce the foundation.  Keep in mind that this skill takes a lot of work.  You want to keep things fun and entertaining for your dog.  While you may look to wean rewards out of your other commands, never ever wean them from coming when called. You will need a long line and a pouch of treats for this.   … [Read more...]

Puppy Chewing and Mouthing

Puppies Need to Chew But Does It have to be Your Furniture?   Every Saturday morning I help puppies and their owners to find solutions to problems. Guess what the most common one I am asked about is? You’ve guessed it. Mouthing and chewing up stuff that’s not supposed to be chewed. A typical example is Lou Who, a 3 month old Chihuahua puppy. Now you know how small Chihuahua’s are, but boy, as little as she is, she wreaked big havoc. Her owner’s hands and arms had many scratches and … [Read more...]

It’s a No Free Lunch Party

Most of us share our lives with dogs so that we can love them and receive their love in return. However, the average person doesn’t stop to think that the way humans express love can be very confusing to a dog. Many dog owners treat their dogs like small people dressed in furry coats. This fulfills our natural human tendency to bestow affection, and privileges on the creatures that we love, which gives us a sense of well-being. If our dogs were in fact small people dressed in furry coats, … [Read more...]

How to Housetrain Your Puppy

7 Simple Steps to Successful House Training! Follow these 7 simple steps and you and your dog will be Successful! 1. Keep a schedule: When you are starting to potty train, write down the time of every bladder and bowel movement and whether it was inside or outside. This will help you quickly figure out a pattern. 2. Pick a word: Every time you go out, use the same words, e.g., “Get busy.” “Go potty.” “Go out. Your dog will quickly associate this with going out to potty. 3. Go … [Read more...]

Puppy Feeding Tips

This video outlines setting up healthy feeding patterns in puppies.  Getting your pup on a regular and healthy feeding pattern is an important foundation to a successful future.  Particularly to master housebreaking. … [Read more...]

Clicker Training: Touch – Part 4

    We introduce the concept of "touch" in this video. Touch is very versatile, and a great back up for coming when called. Have fun with it, you will have your dog jumping around hitting your hand before you know it. Remember do not be in a rush, make sure your dog is understanding before you more to the next phase. Be sure you have mastered Intro, Loading and Label before you move onto touch. … [Read more...]