Summer Heat

 Summer is a fun time for outdoor activities with family and friends.  Often our furry family is included in the outdoor activities.  We take precautions in the sun to keep from getting dehydrated and sunburnt, and we need to be mindful of the same for our pets. Unlike humans, our dogs can’t sweat like we do.  Dogs primarily cool down through panting and sweat glands around their paw pads. Walking a dog in high temperatures can be extremely dangerous, particularly if you are walking … [Read more...]

Quick Tip: Road Safety

Get into the habit of having your dog wait when you get to the street curb.  You want your dog to check in with you before they step onto the street.  Anytime your dog gets near the street without your permission use a firm no reward marker and a recall with high value rewards for their return to you.  Practice this exercise on a regular basis, so in the event you have a real life experience, your dog is well trained for the task.  Make sure you are working your dog on a long line for … [Read more...]

Foster Dogs

We foster dogs because we love dogs and want to make a difference to a dog’s life.  Often dogs in rescue have had a tough time at some point during their life, and as humans we feel the need to compensate.  Often fosters wants to love the dog better.  However, this does not work in most cases.  Dogs respond well to structure and boundaries.  By providing structure and boundaries (and love of course), you will give the dog a higher chance of a successful adoption and a better mental state … [Read more...]

Moving with Pets

Getting settled into my new apartment with my 3 happy dogs.  The dogs have handled the move well and seem  content in their new space.  Taking them for plenty of walks and keeping their routine as normal as possible has helped them adapt. Tips for a Stress free Move: Keep your routine as normal as possible up to the move day. On the day of the move put the dog into a familiar environment.  If you are not able to keep them where they are familiar, consider boarding them or sending … [Read more...]

Quick Tip: Dental Health

February is Dental Month for our pets.   Dental health is extremely important for our pets.  While your vet recommends regular dentals, you can help maintain good dental health. Provide hard chewable items your dogs can ingest.  Compressed rawhide, bully sticks, antlers and appropriate bones are common items.  These are hard and your dogs really get into chewing.  While they chew the items, their teeth are being scraped and cleaned at the same time.  Be sure to take away the last … [Read more...]

A Tribute To Hopping Seattle

We underestimate the depth of animal emotions until we have an experience with an animal that changes how we think. I had the privilege and sadness to experience a depth of animal emotion I would never had dreamt existed. 3 years ago I adopted a chestnut TB (Thorough Bred) mare that had spent 7 of her 9 years racing. Hopping Seattle, or Hopp as we called her, was a complex but very sweet mare. She had classic OCD quirks that you see in many OTTB (Off the track Thorough Bred) horses and she … [Read more...]

Why Microchip?

Microchip implants have become very popular.  Chances of being reunited with your pet are vastly improved if they have a microchip and your information is up to date. Every dog taken to the pound is first scanned for a chip.  Should one be read, the pound will look to contact the last listed owner on the microchips record.  You can understand why your chances are so much higher of being reunited with your pet if they are scanned on arrival at the pound.  Several years ago we adopted a … [Read more...]

The Joys of an Adult Dog

I never forget the day I brought home my little lab puppy.  She was a little yellow ball of fluff.  I remember the excitement of a little puppy and thinking why would anybody ever get anything but a cute little puppy.  While I enjoyed the puppy period, it was challenging.  Today that little yellow fluff ball is fast approaching 11 years old.  She’s my old girl and I wouldn’t trade her anything on earth.  I now have a very soft spot for the older dogs, and would happily consider … [Read more...]

Adoption Day Tips

Adoption days can be extremely stressful on the dogs.  You have to get the dogs in front of the public to increase the likelihood of them being adopted, but it is very stressful. Here are 6 basic guidelines to help your Foster dog through their adoption days: Train  the basics: During the time you foster your pup, put a little work into them on the basics.  Many families looking to adopt find a trained dog an attractive prospect.  A well-trained dog is also more likely to keep it’s … [Read more...]

Mouthing and Jumping in Older Dogs

People often adopt older dogs that often have had no training at all.  Lack of training during formative years often results in bad manners developing! Bad manners, like jumping and mouthing in an older dog can be difficult to fix because the dog has rehearsed the behavior for months and sometimes years! Keeping in mind the months or years of rehearsing the bad manners, changing these habits won’t happen overnight. Here are a few pointers to help you work through the … [Read more...]