Teaching your Dog permission to visit

 We have often spoken about teaching your dog manners when greeting other people and dogs.  It is such a simple exercise and makes all your walks and social interactions so much easier and safer for both you and your dog. First you need to teach a sit. Add a release command to the sit. When your dog is sitting politely, give them permission to go say hello by releasing them. If your dog gets up before you release them, make sure you fix it by putting them back into a sit.  If you … [Read more...]

Travel Etiquette

I just got back from a trip to Colorado.  I travelled from Georgia by car and took my dogs for an agility seminar.  I extended my stay since the drive was long, and thought I would take a little vacation while possible. Very quickly it became apparent that there was a problem with off leash dogs in pet friendly accommodations.  While I am an advocate of off-leash and allowing dogs to have some freedom, I ran into several issues with other vacationers dogs. My dogs are off leash … [Read more...]

Quick Tip: The Value of Treats

Create different values for different level treats.  Your dog may have a favorite treat they love at home, but when you are out walking them, that treat suddenly may not matter.  The value of the treat you are offering does not match the distraction level. Often in high level distractions, you will need human food such as chicken meat, cheese, hot dogs and anything else your dog may love (and is safe for dogs to eat).  At home you may be able to use your dogs kibble to get their … [Read more...]

Refining Attention when Leash Walking

Leash walking is an important skill, and one that you are hopefully practicing everyday with your dog.  There are several steps that we have covered to help you better leash walk your dog.  Having your dog focus on you is an important skill in leash walking.  Lack of attention is a common problem, particularly in younger dogs that have not learnt the art of focus or older dogs that are in the habit of sniffing and having their own agenda on walks. I teach dogs to pay attention to their … [Read more...]

Teaching a Concept

Dogs are amazingly smart, intelligent creatures.  I have seen many dogs acting up with frustrated owners.  Personally I believe this is through lack of training on the owners end, resulting in a lack of understanding on the dog’s part. Dogs are infamous for compartmentalizing their behavior.  Just because they act perfectly manner able at your house does not mean it will transfer to your parent’s house or anywhere else they go.  In your dogs mind, the good behavior belongs at your … [Read more...]

Leash Walking: Dangers of Pulling

In this video we ask Dr Erin Brown about the dangers of long term pulling on a leash and your dogs health.   … [Read more...]

Quick Tip: Overtired Dogs

Never train your dog when your dog is tired.  Training a tired dog will cause frustration for both your dog and yourself.  Watch this clip after Thandi and Wick's agility trial.   … [Read more...]

Training Aids

Training Aids can be the best thing for both yourself and your dog.  I often encounter people that view training aids as a cheat and feel they should not use them.  Training aids were designed to make your life easier and help the learning curve for your dog while they learn what is expected of them.  Remember training is all about consistency, and training aids help you create that consistency helping your dog understand what is expected of them.   Using Diapers on a baby is not a … [Read more...]

Q & A: Should My Dogs Share a Crate?

No, your dogs crate should be an escape from everything and everybody.  A dogs crate is their bed,  treat it as a private area.  No other dogs or people should invade the space.  Confinement in a small space can increase the likelihood of scuffles.  If a fight does break out, there is nowhere for the dogs to get away.   Even siblings that are the best of friends can have a difference in opinion from time to time.   … [Read more...]

Timing In Training

In training, timing is everything! … [Read more...]