Quick Tip: The Value of Treats

Create different values for different level treats.  Your dog may have a favorite treat they love at home, but when you are out walking them, that treat suddenly may not matter.  The value of the treat you are offering does not match the distraction level. Often in high level distractions, you will need human food such as chicken meat, cheese, hot dogs and anything else your dog may love (and is safe for dogs to eat).  At home you may be able to use your dogs kibble to get their … [Read more...]

Teaching a Concept

Dogs are amazingly smart, intelligent creatures.  I have seen many dogs acting up with frustrated owners.  Personally I believe this is through lack of training on the owners end, resulting in a lack of understanding on the dog’s part. Dogs are infamous for compartmentalizing their behavior.  Just because they act perfectly manner able at your house does not mean it will transfer to your parent’s house or anywhere else they go.  In your dogs mind, the good behavior belongs at your … [Read more...]

Leash Walking: Dangers of Pulling

In this video we ask Dr Erin Brown about the dangers of long term pulling on a leash and your dogs health.   … [Read more...]

Introduction to Leave It: Part 2

Once you have mastered part 1, move on to part 2 of teaching "Leave It". … [Read more...]

Coming When Called

In my opinion this is one of the hardest exercise’s to teach a dog.  Most of us also set ourselves up for failure without even realizing it.  Think about it, when do you call your dog? Leaving the park, you are leaving the house and Fido has to go into his crate, leaving a play date, hopefully you are seeing the pattern.  All to often we associate coming when called to the end of all fun.  Dogs are smart and it does not take them long to figure that out.  Once Fido has figured it out, he … [Read more...]

Sit: Adding Stay

In this video we teach sit/stay.  Make sure you have mastered teaching sit, and adding a release word before you move to this video. … [Read more...]

Leash Walking 101

Leash Walking is very important to master with your pup.  Taking your dog for a walk everyday and having them apply the rules will help develop a strong relationship and make your walks more enjoyable.  Most clients really battle with the idea that leash walking is not actually about sniffing, peeing and acting crazy on a leash, but rather about paying attention and applying manners. We have covered several individual aspects of leash walking on VIP.  Now we are going to put it all together … [Read more...]

Sit Series

Teaching your dog a basic sit is only the beginning.  So let's start at the beginning and teach your pup to put it's bottom on the ground when you tell him to sit - Teaching Sit. Once you have mastered your dog sitting when they are told to sit, you need to move on to holding the sit until you give them permission to move off.  We do this by adding a release word.  I have seen many people not apply this part of the training sequence and their dogs will sit until they decide to do … [Read more...]

Basic Obedience and Manners 101

We put all the basics together in this post.  You should average 6 weeks in teaching your dogs these skills.  Make sure you work in the outlined order so you don't confuse your dog.  Keep training fun, short and entertaining for both yourself and your dog.  Use a calm quiet voice.  Raising your voice does not help, and intimidating your dog is not a good way to train. Good Luck and Happy Training! First set up a system of communication:   All to often I see people belting out … [Read more...]

Leash Walking: Introducing the Rules

Introducing some rules to leash walking is vitally important to up the mental value of the exercise.  The rules make the walk more pleasant for the handler as well as reduce the potential behavioral issues by giving the dog a set job description while on their walk.     … [Read more...]