Crate Anxiety in Puppies

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Crate training is a run of the mill skill you want to teach your puppies.  However, some puppies will experience some anxiety when it comes to crating. Here are a couple of tips to help you overcome the anxiety:

  •  Feed your puppy in their crate:  Most puppies love to eat, and they will  see their crate as a trigger for food.
  •  Give high value treats:  Every time your pup goes into their crate, give them a treat.  Even if you don’t plan on leaving them in there, reward the willingness to go in.
  • Chewies:  All puppies need to chew; it is part of their development.  Get your puppies some really good chews like tendons, bully sticks, hooves and anything else they may love.  Only give them these chews in the crate and do not allow your puppy to chew these items outside of their crate.
  • Sleep in Crate:  If your puppy falls asleep outside of it’s crate, always put your puppy into it’s crate to sleep.
  • Tired Puppies:  Keep your puppy well exercised and trained.  The best time to put a puppy into their crate is when they are tired and ready for a nap.  Don’t take it out of its crate unless it’s quiet and settled.

Remember that our dogs want to be with us, and some anxiety from being separated from their family is normal.  However, for your puppies health and safety getting them comfortable in a crate is a foundation for a happy future.

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