Summer Heat

Close up of a yellow lab outside Summer is a fun time for outdoor activities with family and friends.  Often our furry family is included in the outdoor activities.  We take precautions in the sun to keep from getting dehydrated and sunburnt, and we need to be mindful of the same for our pets.

Unlike humans, our dogs can’t sweat like we do.  Dogs primarily cool down through panting and sweat glands around their paw pads.

Walking a dog in high temperatures can be extremely dangerous, particularly if you are walking on tarmac.  Tarmac retains the heat and your dog has heat generated from both above and below.  You are at a high risk of burning your dogs’ pads, as they do not have any protection from the high temperatures they experience on the tarmac.  In summer it is best to walk your dog in the morning and stick to the grassy areas and sidewalks.

Safety Tips:

  • Keep your dog hydrated with fresh water
  • Make sure they have breaks to cool down and relax
  • Don’t walk in the heat of the day or on hot tarmac
  • Use a spray bottle with water to help cool your pup down
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to your pups’ paws and belly to help cool them down
  • If you suspect heat stroke, take them straight to a vet

Enjoy your Summer Days; make sure you keep all your family members safe!


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