Teaching a Concept

Dog Intelligence

Dogs are amazingly smart, intelligent creatures.  I have seen many dogs acting up with frustrated owners.  Personally I believe this is through lack of training on the owners end, resulting in a lack of understanding on the dog’s part. Dogs are infamous for compartmentalizing their behavior.  Just because they act perfectly manner able at your house does not mean it will transfer to your parent’s house or anywhere else they go.  In your dogs mind, the good behavior belongs at your house.

You have to teach your dog what they need to do in each new environment.  The more you expose your dog to new situations and take the time to consistently show them and reinforce the behavior the easier it gets.  You want to teach your dog the concept of sit so you can transfer the behavior of sit to all different environments both new and familiar.

Introduce the command you are teaching in a low distraction environment and once your dog has mastered the exercise, increase the distractions until your dog can perform the command in all environments.  Take the time to truly teach the concept and your investment will pay off, as your dog is able to be a good citizen in all environments.

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