Teaching your Dog permission to visit

Depositphotos_17442263_s We have often spoken about teaching your dog manners when greeting other people and dogs.  It is such a simple exercise and makes all your walks and social interactions so much easier and safer for both you and your dog.

  • First you need to teach a sit.
  • Add a release command to the sit.
  • When your dog is sitting politely, give them permission to go say hello by releasing them.

If your dog gets up before you release them, make sure you fix it by putting them back into a sit.  If you allow your dog to get up before you release them, you are allowing your dog to decide when they are able to get up.

When you are out in public, you will condition your dog to sit politely rather than try and jump on everybody.  If it’s safe to allow your dog to “visit”, you are able to allow it.  This controlled behavior will help people like me who have a temperamental dog that does not do well when other dogs jump on him.

 Be persistent and before long you will have a very happy, safe and well behaved pup in public.  


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